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The Most Popular Korean Fashion Trendsetters

It is very common for people that are celebrities to become trendsetters for the rest of us. This is very true for individuals that are movie stars, and it is also true for singers around the world. One of the most popular singing sensations right now are Kpop bands. This stands for Korean pop bands, and there are many of them. In general, these are groups of young men and women that sing together, typically singing trend setting music that have a multitude of fans. When they make a fashion statement, this tends to carry over to the general masses of followers that they will each have. Although Korean bands and members change over the years, each time a new and popular one comes out, fashion choices for young people tends to change rapidly. Here are some of the most popular Kpop fashion trendsetters that you should be aware of if you are thinking about augmenting your current clothing style.

What Exactly Are Kpop Bands?

For many years, singers from countries outside of the United States have only had followers in their country of origin. Part of that reason has to do with the fact they are all speaking the same language. For example, when American songs are popular in the United States, they may not have the same level of popularity in countries where English is a second language. There are exceptions to this, but this has almost always occurred with musical acts and singers that sing in the English language. Over the last few years, however, Kpop bands have become popular with young people around the world. They literally have millions of followers in countries across the globe, and their followers tend to watch what they are wearing.

Why Are Kpop Bands So Popular?

Kpop bands are a derivative of a specific type of music genre. In fact, this genre of music is not just about the music at all. It is often a combination of the appearance of the singers, what they do on stage, and the type of songs that they sing. The original boy band, the Beatles, took the world over back in the 1950s and 1960s. Since that time, many other bands have formed that have generated a substantial number of followers. In the 90s, boy bands like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC were able to accomplish the same thing. Today, this is no longer an American or English phenomena because of Kpop and how they have changed the way the world looks at Korean singers and songs.

What Is KoreanFashion?

It is very easy to find these bands online. They are typically made up of a group of young men, or a group of young women. At the time of this writing, the most popular group in the world is an all male band by the name of BTS, and their followers are called Army. There is also a very popular Korean group by the name of Black Pink, a group made up entirely of young girls. When they make fashion changes, their followers will copy them, and thus begins what is called Korean fashion.

Who Are The Current Korean Outfit Trendsetters?

As most people know, boy bands and girl bands have a very short period of time during which they will maintain their popularity. In fact, some groups may sing for many years, simply rotating out the older singers for new younger ones that will take their place. Again, at the time of this writing, there are trendsetters wearing these Korean outfits and trends that are significantly modifying the way that their followers dress. Although this could change at any time, the ones that are currently at the height of their popularity are literally cultivating multimillion dollar fashion trends. This would include Naeun ‘Apink, Bae Suzy, and a singer by the name of Sunmi. From the group Black Pink, Jennie is a primary trendsetter, as is V from the boy band BTS.

Once you understand the reason for their ability to influence millions of young people, you can see how this will also change fashion choices worldwide. Young people look up to the singers as idols of sorts, and will want to mimic what they are doing and what they are wearing. As a result of this, these particular Korean singers our changing the way that people around the world, primarily young ones, are dressing. As time moves on, there will likely be new Korean singers that will likely do this when they become very popular. As long as people continue to follow this simple formula of building singing groups based upon using extremely beautiful people that sing contemporary songs, this trend will perpetuate. Kpop, for now, is here to stay, and will continue to modify current fashion trends by becoming fashion trendsetters themselves.